Which bit of Mark Strong is the most lickable?

Отличная запись с тумблера. Кое-кто объяснил все то что мы и так знаем))))

Okay, this is going to be a bit long. But you asked for it and I cannot fucking deny anything that involves Mark Strong. The truest answer to this question is, of course, all of him. Every single part of Mark Strong is lickable. He is high on the lickable list.

But you say, “eggsywin, that’s a cop out!”. And yes, it is. I will not deny that. So we’re going to go down to the details. Here’s a list of Mark Strong’s features that are lickable (no specific rank):

1. His jawline

It’s not just any jaw line. It’s a jaw line carved from the finest granite the world has to offer by God’s own hands. It’s a jaw line made of miracles and angel tears. Someone licked that jaw once and orgasmed right on the spot.

2. His nose

Look at that sharp as fuck motherfucker! So angled and straight! Like licking a fleshy knife if you ask me.

3. His eyes

Internally lit by everything that is good in this world, they are not just any ordinary eyes. They are the eyes to heaven. Licking them is really unhygienic though, so I really don’t recommend trying. But if I could lick them, I probably would.

4. His eyebrows

So fucking on-point, they invented the idea of on-point eyebrows. Now imagine your tongue just slowly caressing those wonderful eyebrow caterpillars. It’s gonna be a weird sensation, but those sensations are worth it because those are Mark Strong’s eyebrows you’re licking.

5. His neck

A bit vampiric, but that is one beautiful neck. Definitely high on “body parts I really want to lavish” list.

6. That dip between his neck and collarbones (if there is a proper term for this, someone please tell me. Is it the clavicle?)

(see photo above)

I don’t even have words.

7. His back

Look at the way it dips! Look at the way it ripples! Someone put me out of my misery and just place my hands all over that beautiful landscape of a back!

8. His pecs

I just- I can’t ok. You know that scene in Captain America? When Peggy touches Chris Evans’ transformed pecs? That’s me. That’s me all the fucking time when I see Mark Strong. Except replace hands with tongue and we’re fucking talking.

9. His crotch

Do I really have to explain this?

10. His hands

hey are a work of art. So strong. So broad. So fucking expressing. I just want to lick every nook and cranny of them.

BONUS: 11. His voice

I’d nibble on his Adam’s apple but tbh I want to lick his voice more. If only there was a physical manifestation of his voice, I’d fuck that so quick.

@темы: Never lie to me, my dear, Pix, Watch and learn, my dear. Watch and learn.

2015-07-05 в 17:05 

if your dreams don't scare you they are too small(с)
смысл уловила, но хотелось бы точных подробностей)

2015-07-05 в 17:53 

Улыбайтесь, это всех раздражает.
Бродяга69, автор детально рассказывает с каким бы наслаждением она облизывала Марка:lol: даже глаза, хоть это и негигиенично :lol:

2015-07-05 в 18:05 

if your dreams don't scare you they are too small(с)
Ахаха, все мы тут фетишисты!)))

2015-07-05 в 18:17 

Fuck the evil!
Точнее, автора спросили какая часть Марка самая облизывательная, а автор разъясняет почему облизывательны те и иные части Марка))))

2015-07-05 в 20:39 

Чёртова Сова
Одни вещают и изучают, а другие с топором по граблям ходят
не мужик, а сплошной фетиш =)

2015-07-05 в 23:25 

Тоталли аппрув! :chups: